White Supremacist Vows To Sue Uber And Lyft For Banning Her Racist A**

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Laura Loomer, a far-right blowhole, got herself banned from not only Uber but Lyft, as well. She learned a valuable lesson in disrespecting people of other cultures. She also learned that hatred for hatred’s sake is NOT alright. Check out her Twitter feed sometime: it’s one anti-Muslim rant after anti-Muslim rant. She is a disgusting individual.

She also learned that Twitter is not for everyone – too bad Trump won’t learn that lesson anytime soon. Yesterday, after the tragedy in NYC, she sent out a tweet complaining about being unable to get a white driver for either Uber or Lyft was making her late for a press conference. She doesn’t come out and say “white,” but she used the phrase “non Muslim” to convey that sentiment. Somehow, she expected everyone to hate every Muslim for the action of one – like every other racist asshole in this country.

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Her followers may have eaten that rhetoric for dinner, but Uber and Lyft were tagged in the tweet and ultimately banned her for violating their user agreement.

Today, she’s taking the ban in stride and is fired up for a lawsuit. She is such a predictable, fame-seeking curmudgeon.

A series of tweets today prove that she is going to ride this wave of celebrity for all its worth.

And finally, she tweeted that she already had a “pending” legal case against Uber before yesterday’s events.

Haha! A review of a bad experience is not a “pending legal action.” You will also notice that the complaint said nothing about religion or race. She must have caught a little too much flak after her lawsuit tweets. Grasping at straws is not becoming.

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