‘Wolfenstein II’ Angers Nazis On Twitter With #NoMoreNazis And ‘Make America Nazi-Free Again’ Slogan

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We live in a day and age when a game in which you kill Nazis can be considered controversial.

It’s a hell of a thing to say, but here we are: on the cusp of the release of its newest installment, the Wolfenstein Twitter account went live with a short trailer and a slogan: “Make America Nazi-Free Again.” And it’s angered the whiny, Nazi pissboys who call the “gaming community” home.

I’ve played my fair share of first-person shooters before. Wolfenstein, even though it’s older than I am, isn’t one of them. Released initially in 1981, Castle Wolfenstein was one of the pioneers of the stealth genre of video games; it wasn’t until the game was released as Wolfenstein 3D in 1992 that it became a pioneer of the first-person shooter genre, codifying many of the tropes common today.

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It’s important to note the timeline here — this game has been around longer than most of these entitled, whiny neo-Nazi degenerates have been alive.

The anger stems from a tweet and the teaser trailer for Wolfenstein II:

It’s an interesting and topical idea — and Bethesda didn’t intend for it to be that, so make of it what you will. Still, it brought out the repellant zoophytes on the right-wing to whine about how edgy and political Bethesda was being with a decades-old game in which you kill Nazis:



So, for those keeping count at home, one guy who claims Trump supporters are Nazis, one guy who claims white people are Nazis, and one guy who can’t count.

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And these are just the tip of the iceberg — other Twitter users documented some of the complaints, as well:

Of course, far and way the high point of the whole affair is the people celebrating the release of the game:

And perhaps my favorite gif ever:

There’s plenty more, too. Remember this the next time conservatives start railing on about how liberals are the hypersensitive ones.

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