WV Lawmaker Sees Nothing Wrong With Using The ‘N’ Word On Social Media

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Saira Blair, West Virginia House representative, is the youngest representative in United States history. At not quite 22, she is the daughter of Senator Craig Blair from Berkley County. The young Republican represents West Virginia’s 59th district. She is pro-gun, pro-life, and likes to drop the ‘n’ word on social media while singing with friends.

The Huffington Post obtained video of Blair and a friend singing Lil Wayne’s, Gonorrhea– it was originally posted on her friend’s Snapchat. The song is rather explicit. The lines Blair sang are as follows,

I call it how I see ya. I wish I never met ya. I wouldn’t wanna be ya. Pussy-ass ni**a, I don’t want your gonorrhea. Pussy-ass ni**a

We didn’t bother with censoring the word “pussy.” If the president of the United States can say it, we can totally spell it out.

Blair sees nothing wrong with singing the N word. It’s part of the lyrics, after all. Many of you may agree. However, it was her nonchalant attitude after getting called out on by HuffPo. She confirmed that video was authentic and said that it was taken in 2015. She was elected in 2014. She stated, “I do not condone the use of racial epithets, and if taken in context, it is clear that singing the lyrics was not meant to offend anyone.”

The word is used among blacks ironically. It is never OK for a white person to use that word – ever. White people historically used that word to denigrate blacks. Whether she meant to offend anyone or not, she did. Instead of apologizing and admitting she didn’t think of how the video would make others feel, she stood firm on her stance that it was just a “lyric.”

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In a 2014 interview with Blair, she basically stated that talking about racism keeps racism alive. Her exact words were,

The issue of race is never going to go away unless we stop talking about the issue of race and stop saying black power, white power, Hispanic power. As long as we keep creating that division it’s not going to be solved. … I think harping on the racial issues, the racial tendencies, that enhances them.

First of all, Hispanic power? I have never heard that phrase in my life. Second, racism is kept alive by hateful people, not talking about. Discussing it and pointing it out is one way to fight it. Staying quiet about racism is the same as condoning it.

Watch the video below:

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