Y’all Qaeda Supporting Councilwoman Threatens Critics At Public Meeting (VIDEO)

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A Las Vegas Councilwoman who supports the Bungling Bundy Bunch that took over a wildlife preserve several years ago lost her shit at a public meeting and threatened her critics.

According to local news reports, the city wants to annex approximately 800 acres of Clark County land into the City of Las Vegas. This would result in an increase in the amount homeowners are expected to dish out for property taxes. The average homeowner would end up paying over $300 more a year if the annexation is allowed to go through.

On Monday, more than a dozen speakers showed up at the public council meeting to voice their concerns and things grew heated. But it was one woman’s inattentiveness that sent Las Vegas Ward 6 Councilwoman Michele Fiore over the edge. After becoming angry over a woman was checking her phone instead of listening, Fiore began threatening her critics.

“If I personally hear a boo I will have the marshals remove you!” Fiore said, obviously furious.

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Fiore is a Republican former state lawmaker who was involved in negotiations with Cliven Bundy’s sons when they took over a wildlife preserve in Oregon and forgot to bring snacks.

The residents who showed up at Monday’s meeting tried to explain their concerns but Fiore wasn’t willing to listen to reason.

“I’m one of the low-end folks here. I pay [in taxes] about $50 a month, but please understand $50 to you is lunch,” said Linda, a county island resident. “Fifty dollars to me is a week’s worth of groceries or a monthly prescription.”

Many who were at the meeting attempted to argue about not only taxes and the annexation, but various other rules and regulations as well. Fiore wasn’t impressed with critics on these topics either. When discussing concerns about the difference in rules regarding animals in Clark County and the City of Las Vegas, Fiore told the crowd that laws don’t actually mean anything as far as she is concerned.

“I get what you’re saying, but what I don’t think folks understand is, we have code enforcement, right, and just because there’s rules on the books doesn’t mean they’re enforced,” Fiore said as the crowd gasped at her words.

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