During childhood and adolescence, many individual are physically active and play sports, some are introverts and some are extroverts in high school. Back pain in teens mostly appears when they tend to take part in extracurricular activities and sports and injure themselves while playing sports.

A few also get unusual strains due to heavy bags the carry this does affect lower back which results in backaches. The symptom of the pain disappears in weeks without any particular treatments by the doctors.

Few possibilities which may cause back pain in teens

Exercises are good for children and for teenagers, but intensive fitness training may lead to severe backaches in youngsters. In school many take part in dancing competition or gymnastics which needs intense training and perfection on the other hand there may be a possibility that an individual may get a sprain in the back. Other children who are not active may also have a sprain because of weak muscles and due to poor posture and overweight.

back pain teens

Some teens may have a curvy spine due to improper posture it may cause severe back pain especially in girls. Teenagers who are having correct posture grow normally and some may have spinal cord problems. Some of the teenagers have bony bridges in vertebral bones in the lower spinal cord. Due to minimal activities the individual may get lower back problems.

When parents shall communicate to the pediatrician

There may be severe consequences when it comes to teens, many teens during adolescence face injury, but most of the parents do not worry much about the injuries of their children. The question arises when parents shall go to the pediatrician.

A parent can consult a pediatrician when their children have weight loss issues or fever, numbness in limbs, posture issues bowel control or loss of bladder. Caretaker or guardian of the child should take an appointment to the pediatrician if an individual doesn’t have an injury but have severe back pain issues.

Are there any treatments for common backaches?

There are various treatment regimens that doctors recommend based on the diagnosis of the child which also involves a CT scan and X-ray of the back. Some doctors prescribe medication like Trama dol Overnight as per injury caused due to playing or any kind of incident which is taken in school or on school grounds like a fracture, sprain, etc. As per pediatrician a physical therapy or manual therapy is a very effective therapy to treat backaches in teenagers.

Many doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal medication if the pain is unbearable or the patient has to swell in their limbs. Doctors suggest many physical therapy programs that help the patient to reduce the backache. Few abdominal strengthening exercises or a hamstring may help to relieve back issues.

Few homes remedies to help teens with back problems

If the teenager faces any acute pain then he or she shall take these home remedies to treat. Hot and cold compress if provided it may relieve and ease the torment of the back, ice does reduce swelling for at least a few hours and warm compress may help to relax the muscles. There are few menthol creams which are the pain relievers it helps to mask the pain for a shorter period of time by giving a cooling sensation.

There can be few topical pain relievers too which contains methyl salicylate which provides relief, this type of pain relievers shall not be used if the child has any aspirin allergy other individuals can use these relievers.

There are also some foods that help the bones get more firm and dense. Those foods gets the body into alkaline state which repairs the condition of our bones. Try out this shake for healthy bones.

The parents shall take intense care of the children by checking their posture and correct them when they not sitting properly or walking properly when at home the chairs which the family uses shall give better back support which will help the children to get proper posture. The guardians shall not encourage teens who spend more hours watching television or any kind of video game for are a longer period of time as it creates severe back issues.