Being rich is quite fun as it allows you to buy and possess whatever your heart desires. But even extremely rich people are quite cautious about their indulgences and purchases. But unfortunately, this is not the case with everyone. Celebrities after amassing massive amounts of wealth are known to get involved in different and bizarre activities which compel them to spend a lot of money. They are usually known to have extravagant lifestyles along with their shopping habits.

Some of the celebrities are also known to go over the board for indulging in something that does not even seem to be worth the price. But still, it is quite entertaining and overwhelming to see some of the expensive things that celebrities like to keep.

Here are the 5 expensive things celebrities own –

1. Items embedded in gold

This is one of the common traits observed amongst several mainstream celebrities as they are known to splurge an extravagant amount of money on items that have been studded or embedded in gold. Some of the celebrities to do this are Mike Tyson who owns a Cleopatra style solid golden bathtub which has been completely embedded in real gold.

It must have cost him a fortune, but it doesn’t matter when you can afford everything in the world. Another celebrity to have spent such a crazy amount of money is Beyoncé who is known to own a golden legging.

2. Expensive pets

Celebrities and even infamous rich people are known to spend a lot of money on buying some of the most expensive and rare species of animals to keep them as their pets. Some of them include Paris Hilton and Mike Tyson.

These celebrities have spent a great deal of money on their individual preferences which can blow anyone’s mind. While Mike Tyson owns 2 white Bengal tigers which are one the rarest species of tigers on earth, Paris Hilton has built a completely designed doghouse with all the services inside for her pets.

3. Miscellaneous items

Some celebrities spend a hefty amount of money on buying highly expensive things that are completely bizarre and weird.

Lady Gaga owns a ghost detection machine that costs a fortune while Celine Dion owns a humidifier to keep her surroundings humid during all times.

Sometimes it just makes you wonder what motivated these celebrities to spend such a  hefty amount of money on these bizarre and mysterious items. But you don’t need that kind of motivation when you have a fat net worth.

4. Fashion items

As celebrities are known to have a knack for collecting different designer fashion items, they do splurge a great deal of money for that. Being one of the popular makeup artists in the industry, Jeffrey Star is known to own a great deal of Birkin bags and a wide variety of shoes.

Jeffree Star

Image Credit: Celebrity Net Worth

Jeffrey Star’s Net worth which is almost $75 million makes it possible for him to own such expensive items that others can only think of. Apart from fashion items, he also owns a pair of gold-plated spoons which would have cost him a great deal of money.

5. Exclusive furniture pieces

Celebrities are famous for their luxurious houses in some of the best locations in the world. But what makes their houses more extravagant are the exclusive and designer pieces of furniture items brought together from different parts of the world.

Amongst the popular celebrities, Kelly Rowland is known to own a crystal-encrusted bathtub which is mesmerising to the eyes.

Kendal Jenner is another popular figure who owns an exclusive piece of the sofa from the Italian brand Edra.