A Starbucks in Atlanta had to close for a few hours early over the weekend because of a pretend Starbucks employee by the name of Shanell Rivers. “Shanell” kept posting racial slurs against white people – to stir the pot (pun intended).

According to the report, the “employee” posted that she was spitting in white people’s coffee, putting dog feces in a little white boy’s hot chocolate, and licking the bread of a sandwich for a white father and son. One post even went as far as to say that Rivers was mixing blood into the jam that was put on the bagel for a white woman.

Because of these social media posts, Starbucks was receiving threatening phone calls and they had to close down for a few hours to protect their actual employees. Fake news, indeed.

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Although the fake posts went viral – 626 retweets and a Twitter account with 20,000 followers passed it around on Sunday – Starbucks says “Shanell Rivers” certainly does not work for them. The picture used with the posts containing the racial slurs seems to be a picture taken from Getty Images – not an actual photo taken by anyone with a cell phone and definitely not taken by Shanell Rivers.

Starbucks has apologized for these posts, even though they were never made an actual employee.

The local police have started an investigation to determine the reason for these posts, who started them, and why. Cruisers have also increased patrolling the area. However, it certainly seems as though they have a troll intent on doing some covert damage. And we would not be surprised even a little if they were made by someone upset over “holiday” cups.