Haiti is a country in the Caribbean which is located in the Islands of Hispaniola. The industry had started growing when millions of tourists went to Haiti in the year 2012. Since then, tourism has become one of the best ways of revenue gain in the place. Haiti has a very favourable climate for the tourists and it also supports them to enjoy their vacations in the coastline of beaches and the mountain ranges.

There are also some magnificent waterfalls here along with colonial architecture, caves, and many more that has a story related to the distinct cultural history of this place. Here is a list of some of the famous travel places in Haiti. Read along to get an idea before you actually visit the place.

Top 5 tourist attractions to see in little Haiti:

#1. Citadelle Laferrière

The citadelle laferrière is a fortress located at a mountain top which is very impressive. It was basically established after Haiti had earned its freedom. It was built so that this fortress could be used as a security against the French attacks.The condition of this place has been the same since years and it is still a respected symbol of the power of the people of Haiti. It also protects them, when they are confronted with any kind of threat.

Citadelle Laferrière

Haiti Tourism

Located on the northern coast of Haiti, right on the top of Mountain Bonnet an L’Eveque, the Citadelle offers delightful views of the adjacent green arenas which make this location one of the finest tourist places in Haiti.

#2. Jacmel Beach

Jacmel Beach

Haiti Tourism

The Jacmel Beach is located downwards on the southern coast of Haiti. The Jacmel Beach offers a wonderful opportunity as well as area for both the natives and the visitors to hang out and enjoy some entertainment. The beach is completely vibrant and is the host of several extraordinary carnivals and events prior to the dreadful earthquake that occurred in the year 2010,as it had destructed some of the spot here.

#3. Chouchou Bay Beach

Chouchou Bay Beach

Haiti Tourism

The Chouchou beach is another one of the beautiful Haiti travel places which is located in Northern Haiti. The beach is embraced by greenspectacular mountains which magnificently decorate the sceneryadjoining the oceanfront. The Chouchou Bay Beach is not very densely inhabited and thus,offers a calm space to the tourists where they can enjoy the perfect Caribbean beach. The coral developments which are on the west end of the beach make it a remarkable Haitian spot for certain activities like diving or snorkelling.

#4. Cap Haitien

Cap Haitien

Haiti Tourism

Cap Haitien was the most affluent Caribbean town since the time of the French Colonies here. Although, the splendor of this place has dimmed a lot since then. However,even now the town does maintain a relaxing ambiance. The ancient port architecture of balconies also makes this a nice place to travel to. Most of the residents and even the tourists refer to this city as just the ‘O’Kap’ or ‘Cap’.

#5. Jeremie

The epicentre of Grand’Anse Départment in Jeremie was stamped hard by the Hurricane named Matthew and one of the must see places in Haiti. It took out the city’s plants and had swept the tin roofs off abundant households. It was the hard work of the foreign NGOs and the natives that has gotten the city back up.

They have strived and made it one of the most tidy and wonderful places to travel in the whole of Haiti. The city is focused on Place Alexandre Dumas because of its red-and-white cathedral. Rue Stenio Vincent also goes parallel to the sea here along with many astounding old structures and coffee warehouses, several of which are also abandoned.


Haiti Tourism

We see that people always keep looking at famous places for a peaceful vacation but they end up in crowded places. Forget about relaxation you hardly find any place to sit and relax. We are still left with numerous countries and places where beaches are still pristine and untouched by human kind. The people of the country are also welcoming and visitors have started exploring them now.

Haiti is one of those countries which is not so popular on the list of top travel places people might count but the above mentioned places are nothing less than the beaches we see on the top list of the magazines. If you are looking for some adventurous places in North America, pack your bags and plan for a trip to Haiti. You will have fun.

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