Senonches is a small town in the Bordeaux Province of France, nestled into the hills of the Hautes-Alpes, bounded by the city of Besancon. Its serene and ancient streets are lined with traditional bakeries and wine vintners; excellent restaurants serve both traditional and modern cuisine.

Senonches, France

A visit to this ancient town would not be complete without checking out the famed Eure-et-Loir vineyard. Tourists coming to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of Senonches are treated to the best wines from the sparkling wine producers of this region. Even those with more worldly interests can enjoy this fine restaurant. Book your stay at the Holiday Inn or the Cheval Boutique Holiday Inn in Senonches and reserve a seat at the stunning tables.

To find the best and most modern taste of the foods of Bordeaux, one should try the many restaurants in the area serving French classics such as mussels, fish and grilled scallops with Champagne. The traditional Muscadet mussels are served in their shell, with a dill sauce and chutney, but can also be finished with a salad.

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Also served is the asparagus, served in its hardest form, much flavor packed and with a bright green salad. Fondue meals or cheese and crackers are often served for dinner, a pleasant alternative to the more stiff style of fare served at hotels in Paris.

For those who enjoy chocolates, the shops in Senonches sell the best French chocolates. Also available is a wide variety of candies, lollipops and candy bars.

In addition to the various restaurants serving traditional food, the choice of fine dining can be found in the several restaurants located near the vineyards. The U-Bahn train station and the main road pass by the vineyards.

When in town, consider spending a day enjoying one of the many vineyards located nearby with a visit to the beautiful Cour D’Oisans shopping mall and a visit to the chic boutique hotel. This chic hotel in Senonches is perfect for those seeking a luxurious stay. Visitors can view and enjoy art galleries, movie theaters, nightclubs and restaurants, along with a selection of fine food at the hotel.

Suite accommodations are available at the beautiful hotel. The rooms are comfortable and equipped with luxuries to make you feel as though you are in another world. The heart of the hotel is the rooftop club, known as ‘the flight’, with magnificent views of the vineyards and countryside.