The 21st century is a rat race. People are almost always busy, surviving the hustle and bustle of their day to day routines. In such a scenario, a vacation sounds like a blessing, although not to your manager’s ears. How about a destination which will satiate all your travel requirements and expectations? That is why the Philippines should be your go-to destination in 2020!

Here are the reasons why the Philippines should be a must in your destination bucket list for 2020!

1. Crystal clear Beaches and impeccable Islands

If there is ever a destination which can be considered as a paradise for beach and island lovers, then look no further than the Philippines. An archipelago of over 7000 islands, like Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, each with their unique beauty and set of various attractions, islands are truly the heart and soul of the Philippines.


And when you are talking about these impeccable islands, how can you not talk about the pristine beaches? Powdery white sand, sugary cream, brown, gray, and pink, you name it and the Philippines has it. Although the White Beach in Boracay is considered as the queen of all beaches, the other beaches, with its turquoise crystal-clear waters, will ensure you never leave any beach disappointed!

2. Adrenaline pumping adventures

The Philippines has a plethora of pumping adventure activities for the adrenaline junkies. The country is fast becoming a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, primarily due to the marvelous mountains that the Philippines has. In Palawan, you can experience the Underground river cruise, which is the longest navigable subterranean river.

adventure activities

Also while you are at Palawan, climb up the Ugong Rock, and enjoy stunning views of the Karst mountains through an adventurous zip line from the peak. In Boracay, the hub for water sports, indulge yourself in a wide variety of activities like snorkeling and swimming along with the fishes, scuba diving, in addition to the mini islands you will be hopping which are closer to Boracay.

3. An amalgam of history and culture

History and culture lovers, be assured, the Philippines is not going to disappoint you. For what may seem like a country that is dominated only by the splendid landscape and beach views, the Philippines has an amazing history and heritage embedded in it.

history and culture


The American Cemetery which contains the grave of more than 17,000 soldiers who had lost their lives in World war 2, the San Agustin Church thought-provoking architecture and its fascinating murals over the walls, the Spaniard-Filippino bonding visible across Bohol, the Corregidor island, which explains the historical significance of the American Colonisation, and the Vigan’s Calle Crisologo, which is an exhibition of Spanish and Asian culture are few of the several spots in the Philippines which will quench your thirst for some cultural experiences.

4. Paradise for the foodies

A trip can be a good trip only when it has great food in it. To further vindicate why the Philippines is the best bet to visit in 2020, the Gastronomy it offers is a highlight of the same. You can well and truly experience the culture of the Filipinos by tasting the popular dishes across the streets of the Philippines.

street food


Cebu’s world-class Lechon, Davao city’s Durian, local craft beers in Baguio City, Calamansi juice, Halo-Halo dessert, Adobo (a dish with chicken, beef or pork cooked with vinegar and soy sauce), Quack quack (battered quail egg) are some of the most try food and drink across the country.

Also, don’t forget – Filipinos are big fans of bananas, so much that one of the must-try dishes are caramelized bananas and banana ketchup! After reading this, I am sure people around you can hear your mouth watering!

5. Buzzing city and nightlife

Further testament to the variety of experiences the Philippines has to offer apart from the stunning nature, flora and fauna, is the city and nightlife. The capital city of Manila and Cebu City are the hotspots for city life. The city of Manila never sleeps and keeps buzzing with people and lights throughout the day.

By nature Filipinos are very warm and welcoming to the tourists, and you’d never feel out of home considering how friendly they are in general. Mingle along with the locals, try amazing dishes in the streets, splurge in shopping, right from the fancy towering shopping malls, to flea markets, where you get amazing products on the budget depending on how well you master the art of bargaining, amazing boutiques, and countless fashion outlets will ensure you will leave with your bags full!



Not to forget some amazing bars and pubs which are buzzing with life at night, not just in the cities, but also in islands like Boracay, where famous bars and pubs are housed in Quezon city! Karaokes are very famous, ensure you sing your heart out to have a night you can cherish forever!

2020, the start of the new decade, should entice the wanderlust in you to sweet beginnings with a trip to the Philippines, which meets and greets people from all corners of the world, catering to the expectations of all the travelers who set foot into this country!

A vacation is meant to relax and rejuvenate, and to ensure your vacations go break free without you bearing the hassle of planning a trip, travel companies like Yatra, Pickyourtrail offer completely customized Philippines tour packages, which will help you create your vacation suiting your best interests! Pack your bags and start off your 2020 travel adventures with a promising note to the phenomenal Philippines!